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It's surprisingly easy to do, due to the stability that the boards provide when flying through the water. You hold a bluetooth hand controller that powers the vessel above the waves. Once you find your balance, the foil acts like an underwater airplane, lifting you out of the water. Here, balance is key. If you lean too far back, the propeller will rise out of the water, causing the board to quickly descend. With a little practice, and a few falls, you’ll learn to recover from this scenario, but hey, better to fall on water than pavement. The eFoil comes standard with a 28” long mast which provides plenty of height to cruise over boat wake and small waves without feeling a thing!

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People always ask what these “flying above the water” machines are called. Most people Google “flying surfboards”, but they’re actually called eFoils. Foiling has been around for many years; add a motor and it becomes an eFoil. E stands for electric, and the power behind the Lift eFoils is AMAZING! If you've ever witnessed the instant power of a Tesla car, then you understand!

Lift are the innovators of the eFoil and with many new companies jumping on board to take advantage of this growing water sport, Lift continues to dominate the market. Just imagine flying above the water, hearing nothing but the wind in your ears. It’s like being on a “real life” magic carpet ride, and it's a thrilling adventure that we at Sarasota eFoil want all to enjoy.

The battery can last up to 2 hours or even longer with Lift's High Aspect foils, and only take about an hour and a half to recharge using a standard 120v. outlet and included charger. Unlike some other personal watercraft, there is very little maintenance required to keep the eFoil running like new for the life of the board. Just flush the board with fresh water after riding, check and apply corrosion inhibitor to the connections occasionally, and do firmware updates every once in a while via your smartphone and Lift app. Think about it. You can go buy a jet ski for around the same price, but that comes with a lot of maintenance, requires gas, needs a trailer and a place to store. The Efoil, on the other hand can fit in your car and all you have to do is charge your battery!

The top speeds of the Lift e Efoil runs around 30mph, That's FAST on the water. The hand controller has different governor settings which is a big help. We set the controller at a slower speed so our guests can easily learn to foil. On days off we like to go Efoiling ourselves and still put the governor at half speed. It's breathtaking to fly above the sea around 15mph and enjoy all the sea life that's very visible here in Sunny Sarasota.

So next time you have the itch to indulge a new watersport give us a ring. We would more than love to take you out on the open waters to experience something you may just mark off the bucket list.

Sarasota eFoil offers an unforgettable water adventure in the picturesque setting of Sarasota, FL. Glide effortlessly above the sparkling waves on our state-of-the-art electric hydrofoils, suitable for everyone, regardless of their experience or physical fitness.

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