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The Importance Of Core Strength For Seniors And How Efoiling Can Help

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

A recent article by Howard LeWine, MD, explains how beneficial it is for seniors to have good core strength. Core strength is crucial for fall prevention, and longevity. Our bodies constantly have to adapt not only to different surfaces, but different weighted loads. Adequate core stability and strength can prepare you to better react to these changes and keep you from losing your balance and stumbling.

The core is more than just the abdominal area. It also involves your back, hips, and shoulders. The stronger the core, the stronger the rest. A strong core is essential to a better quality of life, with more mobility, and less pain.

So what does an Efoil have to do with all this? Efoiling is still quite new to the watersport and outdoor community. Although it may seem difficult, it’s actually easier than you may think. The best thing, is you can work out your core and other parts of the body while having fun. To be clear, we aren’t talking about the boards that you have to pump with your feet to get going. We’re talking about the fully electric motorized Efoil boards by Lift.

For seniors that want to workout and have fun doing it, Efoiling is where it’s at. We have noticed an uptick in seniors wanting to Efoil. From starting on your belly, then to your knees, and gradually to your feet, you are working out more than you know. Most of your Efoil movements come from your hips, core, and legs. Efoiling can and will help with balance as you progress.

Most of us these days don’t want to workout or head up to the gym hoping to get on a treadmill. Let’s be honest, Efoiling is not like lifting heavy weights and running 5 miles, but it is something that works your body. If you can lift 35 lbs., (3ft from the ground) then get onboard an Efoil and see for yourself.

We at Sarasota Efoil are here to guide you every step of the way. Come try it out and see if owning your own Efoil is right for you. Imagine waking up, heading to the beach, lake, or river and flying above the water, all while improving your balance and strengthening your core.

See what Lift Efoils are all about at, and come demo a board at We look forward to sharing this new water-sport with you; our friendly, and highly qualified instructors will show you just how fun and easy Efoiling can be!

Sarasota Efoil

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