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How would you like to surf around Sarasota without the body of the board touching the water? Our exciting eFoil technology allows you the closest experience to riding a hoverboard over the ocean, and we invite you to participate. Before you do, check out this brief guide about this novel and exhilarating experience for anyone … Read more

A recent article by Howard LeWine, MD, explains how beneficial it is for seniors to have good core strength. Core strength is crucial for fall prevention, and longevity. Our bodies constantly have to adapt not only to different surfaces, but different weighted loads. Adequate core stability and strength can prepare you to better react to … Read more

Sarasota eFoil offers an unforgettable water adventure in the picturesque setting of Sarasota, FL. Glide effortlessly above the sparkling waves on our state-of-the-art electric hydrofoils, suitable for everyone, regardless of their experience or physical fitness.

Sarasota eFoil
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